Frequently Asked Questions


I really like this idea, I would like to subscribe continuously. Is it possible to sign the direct debit agreement and have the subscription all year round?

As in the nearest future the direct debit service will not be available in our country, we are planning to offer a convenient solution of electronic bill just after the New Year. In this case you will not have to ‘’rack your brains’’ about paying the bill. Our bills will be paid automatically every week.


Will I spend much extra on food while using your services?

We still don’t have feedback from Lithuanian customers as this service is new, but experience in other countries states, that eight out of ten customers claim their expenditure for food products has dicreased. The main reason for the decrease is that it is difficult to buy the exact amount of food needed for the family dinner. Especially if a family is only 2 people. Accordingly we through out expired products. Also while walking in the supermarket or shopping online we choose some not needed products that later on do not find way to our table, because we just don’t find a chance to use them.


If I am not at home in the evening, can you deliver the order to my work place?

Contact us on the phone and your order will be delivered in the afternoon of the agreed day.


But actually I can go to the supermarket with your recipe myself and chose the needed ingredients. It would be a little bit cheaper. Why should I subscribe your dinners then?

You can always go to the supermarket with the recipe found on the internet or taken from some book and pick up the needed ingredients accordingly. However, only few of us do this. Most often we ,,rack our brains’’ about what might surprise or gladden the family. The success of our service lies in the fact that we make people’s life easier when there is no need to think about what to cook and if there are needed ingredients present in the fridge. After you have made the dinner subscription we offer, you can relax at least several evenings per week, simply follow the instructions and enjoy the delicious dinner.


At what age can children start cooking by your recipe?

Approximately at the age of 10 children will most likely be able to prepare the dinner.


Can I expect to lose weight if I eat the food you offer?

So far we offer only standard dinner packet. However, being abundant in vegetables and low calorie dishes will in no way add to weight gaining. In the nearest future we are planning to offer a special packet – dinners for people aiming at losing weight.