New Receipes

New receipes every week. Well-balanced and healthy food. Meat and fish to be found on the menu every week, but most importantly a lot of vegetables. Our experience tells us that it is the necessary amount of vegetables that is usually not considered when shopping at the supermarket.

Cooking time 30-45 minutes. Detailed receipes will make it possible even for your children to join the cooking process.

Good Products

We select fresh and nutritious products, that’s why we also cooperate with local farmers. Our receipes are seasonal. In summer time we will invite you for a grill. With time we hope to increase the number of ecological products.


You can expect to find new tastes not only because of the new receipes, but also because you will try new ingredients. There must be some vegetables you have never bought at supermarket just because you had no idea how to prepare them.

Special product will be highlithened every week.

Without Meat

We offer vegetarian set that does not include meat of any kind.

Many dishes are suitable for vegans as well. Please check vegan option with us every week before placing an order.

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Slim Line

Four dinners that may include meat, poultry, fish or other sea food and vegetarian dishes. However, among those you will not find products that are not recommended to be consumed later at night if you are aimed at weight loss. Dinners are expected to have 400-600 kcal per person. Recipes approved by